کد مقاله : 1113-CHSC-FULL
Zine Barka *
University of Tlemcen Department of Economics and Management
چکیده مقاله:
Trade between China and Algeria has progressed considerably since the establishment of diplomatic relations 60 years ago and both countries intend to deepen these relations. There is a willingness to strengthen a global strategic partnership with China that was signed in 2014.
Sino-Algerian cooperation has already exceeded Algeria's cooperation with the European Union. Trade is more than 10 billion million a year, making China the first trading partner of Algeria. It's a new fact. How is it perceived by the traditional European partners of Algeria? What are the factors explaining this spectacular advance of China in Algeria?
The strategic importance and the regional profile of Algeria have to be born in mind when we analyze the recent increase in the Sino-Algeria relationships. It is a key to grasp the new interest of China in Algeria.
Understanding the dynamics of Sino-Algerian relations, however, requires reading beyond the data and the official statements and declarations of both parties.
This article will examine various aspects of the relationship between China and Algeria as they relate to natural resources, economics and politics. We will also try to provide some answers to the following questions. In what sense the Sino-Algerian relationships are different from China’s bilateral ties with most African countries? What are the dynamics that shape contemporary Sino-Algerian ties and China’s Africa strategy overall? And finally, what are the main factors that are driving higher and higher these relationships between Algeria and China?
کلیدواژه ها:
Sino-Algeria relations, Silk Road, Trade, Investment
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